We have worked closely with the RSPCA for many years and strongly believe that, although facing many challenges, it is an organisation integral to the health and welfare of all animals in the UK.

It is a little known fact that the RSPCA has more horses and ponies in their care than almost every other charity combined – around 1,000 at any one time.

A call from the RSPCA one morning led to the arrival of two mares – an older one in her mid teens we named Biddy and a young chestnut filly we called Brontë.

To this day we wonder whether Biddy is Brontë’s dam.

As you can see from the images, Brontë was fairly bright but little more than skin and bone, having received no supplementary food during a filthy winter and carrying a serious intestinal worm burden.

From the moment she arrived she lay down often – obviously exhausted and weak. She would have breakfast then rest, eat lunch and rest and so on. Sometimes she would just stay down and wait for food to arrive!

Although quite capable of dozing whilst standing (more of that in another article), lying down is so important for all horses. They only need very short periods of deep sleep – but without it they suffer.

We actively encourage all our residents to lie down, rest and catch a spot of essential deep sleep.

The RSPCA covered all the costs of Brontë’s rehabilitation whilst she was with us and once she was sufficiently recovered she moved to their Felledge Centre to start her ridden education and be prepared for re-homing.

We are delighted to report that she found her perfect partner, who now takes over the story.

“Brontë came into my life after I had sadly lost my previous horse to colic.

I didn’t have any expectations and didn’t think I would feel the same about a horse again after losing a very special one.

However, it didn’t take us long to click and over the past year we have formed a strong connection and I’ve developed one of the strongest bonds I’ve ever had with a horse.

We both thoroughly enjoy groundwork, Brontë is extremely clever and always out to please.

Now that she is backed and ridden away, she also enjoys hacking and loves to splash in puddles along the way. Her curiosity and cheeky personality will always brighten my day and make me smile.

Her ability to overcome her past experiences makes me incredibly proud and it’s been a pleasure to watch her mature and enjoy her new lease of life.

I look forward to our future and can’t wait to make more special memories together”.

The team at Here4horses could not be happier with this wonderful outcome for Brontë.

Feel good stories like this make what we do so worthwhile.

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