2008 | Chestnut | Shetland | Under 10hh

Tinkerbelle has suffered with a condition called Laminitis in the past; she needs careful ongoing management and foot treatment as a result.

This is the main reason why most of the Shetlands who come into our care remain with us, as they can be very tricky to keep sound and well.

Our average number of Shetland’s in residence is eight – we will therefore always need your support, to fund their day-to-day management and wellbeing.

The story so far...

Tinkerbelle joined us under the same sad circumstances as Chequers and Anna, in January 2020. They were a very close-knit trio having lived together as a tiny herd for many years.

She was very friendly and approachable from the outset but not so keen to behave when asked to do things she wasn’t happy with, like picking up her feet or moving over in the stable whilst we muck out. She thankfully became more mannerly and very quickly figured out how to attract attention by pulling cute faces over the stable door or gate.

We were fortunate to be approached by local Here4Horses supporter Dot, who was keen to add another cutie to her herd and kindly offered Tinkerbelle a foster home.


her belly scratched


lessons in stable manners