Sullivan (Sully)

2018 | Piebald | Gypsy Cob | Under 12.2hh

For every pony like Sully, that we successfully rehabilitate, there are others like Gilbert who serve as a reminder that recovery from extreme neglect is always challenging – and life can still be cruelly cut short without notice.

At Here4Horses we are ready and able to deal with these challenges – we simply need your financial support to make our important work possible.

Please sponsor Sully. By doing so, you not only sustain a bright future for him – but also for others just like him.

The story so far...

Sullivan came to us with his best mate Gilbert, via the RSPCA. They were seized as part of a large group of seriously neglected ponies, two of which had died in a mud covered field without any food supply.

Both Sully and Gilbert were emaciated foals, exhausted and so very sick when they arrived that they were each carried into the stables by one of the team.

They spent many, many weeks on rehab; sleeping, resting and healing – nothing more energetic than quietly munching on hay as they travelled along the long, slow road to recovery.

They finally both turned a corner and early in their second year it was time for castration. Gilbert had only one testicle descended and was then given more time to see if the other one appeared.

Unfortunately it was not to be and he was duly booked in for rig surgery.

This operation requires a General Anaesthetic and therefore carries inherent risks. It was nevertheless, a dark day here for the team, when we received the call to say that Gilbert had not made it through the anaesthesia. After all that he had been through, it seemed so terribly unfair to lose him in that way.

Work in animal welfare is tough and things don’t always go the way we hope – and it is times like this when we all feel tested by the pain of compassion fatigue.

Life does however, go on – and that was certainly the case for Sullivan. He has thankfully gone from strength to strength and is ready for a loving foster home, until the time comes when he is ready to be produced under saddle.


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