1995 | Chestnut | Shetland | Under 10hh

Sponsoring a pony like Penelope means you are making a commitment to helping unwanted ponies in their latter years, which might otherwise be put to sleep or be left to face a miserable end.

This is another serious aspect of the continuing horse welfare crisis in the UK, where the value of an elderly animal is so little and the cost to humanely euthanize is substantial in comparison.

We are committed to giving Penelope a home with all the love, care and attention she needs.

Please sponsor her – in doing so you are helping to ensure that she is safe with us, for the rest of her days.

The story so far...

Drivers along a main road in Cleveland noticed the appearance of a lone Shetland pony, in a field adjacent to the highway. With no evidence of care or ownership they reported her to the RSPCA.

Penelope as she is now known was monitored for a week and notices were posted in an attempt to discover her owner.

All attempts were fruitless and it was decided that given her poor condition and depressed behaviour, that she should be taken into care.

Here4Horses were asked if we could help and we willingly agreed to take responsibility for Penelope. Thankfully, the RSPCA agreed to help cover initial veterinary fees, including dental work and testing for a respiratory disease called Strangles which can close our stables if an outbreak occurs.

It is heartbreaking to think that given her advanced years, it is likely this old lady was abandoned as she was no longer useful for breeding purposes and needed costly veterinary intervention.

Luckily, she has settled incredibly well with us, has gained weight and become a bit of a Lady Grantham character in the herd.


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