Muffin the Mule

2008 | Brown | Mule | Under 13.2hh

Donkeys and Mules do not find their way to us very often. We collaborate with the RSPCA and The Donkey Sanctuary is always there too, to step in, as and when they occasionally come on the radar.

Although unquestionably a break from the norm, Muffin is a beautiful girl with soft brown eyes and a super sassy character.

So for those of you out there who like to be a bit different – sponsoring Muffin might just be for you!

The story so far...

Muffin the Mule came to us having initially been signed over to the RSPCA.

From the outset she proved quite a character – with very strong opinions on what and who she liked (or not, as the case may be). Muffin will happily jump fences and gates without hesitation, to be with her current beau.

We have limited information on her history but it’s clear that expectations of her in the past have been fairly limited.

Even now she can occasionally throw a tantrum and try to lie down whilst having her feet dressed. This keeps our long-suffering Farrier well and truly on his toes! She can also up and leave at a moment’s notice – without a thought to who she is attached to….

There seems to be no clear explanation for these periodic fits of pique. Perhaps the wrong day of the week…….or maybe the weather conditions aren’t to her liking? We can only guess that her education in the early years was somewhat lacking…….and chuckle at the prospect of yet another session in school for her.

Horses require patient and competent training with many good repetitions needed to resolve any issues. Mules on the other hand need very careful handling and often require another level of particularly skilful conditioning, in order to gradually overcome unwanted behaviours.

This means that although Muffin is adored for bringing her inimitable personality to our herd; it is unlikely that she will ever leave our centre as we believe it remains the most appropriate place for her to live.


Choosing her friends wisely.


Boundaries – including the ones around fields!

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