Lilly Mae

2005 | Skewbald | Shetland | Under 10hh

Lilly Mae is likely to remain with us indefinitely as her tendency to suffer from laminitis needs careful management for the rest of her life, to keep her sound and healthy.

By sponsoring Lilly Mae, you help us fund her rehabilitation – but importantly – you also allow us to be in a position to help other ponies like her when the need arises.

The story so far...

Lilly Mae has a similar story to Moyrus. She was bought for children, who eventually outgrew her and lost interest. She was loved – and that was part of the reason that there had been no decision to part with her, as finding a suitable new home can be difficult.

We were contacted in November 2020 by a concerned neighbour, desperately hoping that we could help find a home for this wee Shetland cutie, who needed a friend (or two).

After discussions with the owner, it was decided that she should be signed over to the charity for a fee. Lilly Mae was unfortunately suffering from laminitis – a very painful condition of the hooves – and her teeth required attention too. She also needed a passport and vaccinations, all of which are costly for our charity.

Lilly Mae was thankfully soon on the road to recovery, although she will always need to be carefully monitored to keep the Laminitis at bay.

We are all very happy that we could secure the future for this once lonely and in pain little pony.


Carrots and company


Sharing food with Stinky Pete (our goat)