2016 | Skewbald | Gypsy Cob | Under 13.2hh

Her recovery took the best part of a year and she is now in excellent condition, perhaps even a little too portly. Her skin is still sensitive, especially at the site of old wounds.

Heidi’s special case means she is likely to remain at Here4Horses.

The story so far...

A call from a member of the public, led to a volunteer making a visit to a Durham building site in April 2018. Peering through a fence, she was horrified at what she thought was a dead horse amongst the rubbish – there were deep furrows in the mud where Heidi had been struggling to get up for what had clearly been a long time.

Miracles do happen however, as moments later she was seen to be breathing and the shocked volunteer quickly made a call for assistance.

Heidi was lifted to her feet and from the beginning showed a unique fighting spirit which convinced everyone that she should be given a second chance.

She was carefully transported to us where she embarked upon a very long and arduous road to recovery – unable to stand without our help for a total of 45 days. Her treatment included an immediate plasma transfusion, long term management of deep & painful pressure sores and the need to lance a huge abscess.

Heidi’s story has been captured on video

We have rarely seen such a serious case of neglect and despite many setbacks during the recovery process, Heidi always showed a brave, fighting spirit. We believe this spirit was central to her remarkable recovery.


Showing off


Having a bath