2021 | Bay | Cob | Under 13.2hh

We have made a lifetime commitment to Douglass and this could be at least twenty years – a huge undertaking for a small charity like ours.

This commitment can only be made thanks to the ongoing generosity of our supporters.

If you feel able to help in any way, with the cost of his care, we would be extremely grateful for any amount you can spare. Or, perhaps you would like to run a fundraiser for him? He needed a passport and microchip, annual vaccinations and castration still needed – all of which stretches our limited funds.

We must budget for around £2,500 per pony per year to cover all possible costs, therefore all help is hugely appreciated! Thank you!

The story so far...

The Horse Crisis almost seems like a distant memory.

Horse and pony prices rose substantially throughout the period of the pandemic and continue to hold strong – this increase in monetary value can have a very positive impact on welfare.

That said, there sadly remains a dark underbelly to the industry, where indiscriminate breeding continues and we were starkly reminded of this, when asked to take in an emaciated colt, barely of weaning age.

Douglass (named after long-time H4H supporter Katy Douglass) had been ‘rescued’ by well-meaning people who parted with £200 to save him from the breeder, before realising that the long-term commitment to a youngster like this was simply overwhelming.

Douglass arrived, looking lost, sad and lonely with a very long, fine winter coat often seen on youngsters whose health has been compromised.  Weighing in at just 77kg – Douglass was at least 30kg underweight for his type and size. That’s a third less than he should be! We are sure he would have faced a very uncertain future without someone stepping in to help him.

With a couple of days to settle in on the best hay, he was wormed – revealing a nasty roundworm infestation.

Then, following an examination to check for the highly contagious respiratory disease Strangles, we have buddied him up with Badger, one of our other young residents.

We believe a well-matched companion is so important to the mental health of all horses and ponies – Douglass is already brighter in himself and we look forward to keeping you all up to date with his progress.


Gentle scratching under his mane


Badger stealing his carrots