2014 | Piebald | Gypsy Cob | Under 13.2hh

Sponsoring Denzil means you recognise the need for us to work collaboratively, so that we can secure the best life for any horse or pony that crosses our path.

Keeping horses well is an expensive undertaking for anyone. For charities like us, having sufficient money to keep going is a daily concern. We are here for horses – but only if/when our finances allow.

We must budget for an average sum in the region of £200 per month, for each and every one of the horses and ponies under our care.

Unscheduled veterinary work and essential training, places a further strain on our resources.

Please sponsor Denzil and help us be able, to continue opening our doors to ponies like him.

The story so far...

We received a call from Durham County Council Wardens with regard to an abandoned pony on council land.

Denzil duly arrived safe and sound, albeit a little dazed and confused. The necessary abandonment process was followed and with no owner coming forward, he officially became a Here4Horses resident.

Denzil stayed on site for a long time, before his services were required by our supporter Sara Metcalfe, who was looking to foster a companion for one of her horses.

He then went to be mouthed and backed in the skilful hands of long-time friend and Here4Horses devotee Christene Allison.

Denzil then had another long period awaiting further training, before spending four months at Robinsons Equiteach learning to be a proper riding pony. We were happy to hear that he took to the busy atmosphere like a duck to water.

Denzil is innately shy in character and chooses his friends carefully, however, his calm and sensible nature make him popular with everyone he meets. He was one of the first, to join our Loanie Pony Scheme.


Cantering through water.


Being kept at the back when out on group hacks.