2018 | Skewbald | Cob | Under 13.2hh

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The story so far...

It’s easy to forget the sorry state we found Crusoe in, when we were called to rescue an abandoned foal in late summer of 2018. He is thankfully rather bright eyed and bushy tailed in comparison these days.

He was very thin, crawling with lice and suffering from a heavy infestation of intestinal worms – yet another colt of no monetary value, left for dead at a time when the UK horse crisis made sure that charities were full to capacity with neglected animals.

We heard about him almost by chance. Social media posts from alarmed members of the public brought him to our attention.

Trustee Claire Robinson (hence the play on his name), embarked upon a search for him and he was eventually discovered, weak and wobbly, on the edge of an industrial estate on Teesside.

Once safely in our care, he thankfully made very good progress and little by little, a duckling turned into a swan.

This year (2021) Crusoe turns three years old and still has plenty of time to grow and mature before he will ultimately be produced under saddle, ready for our Loanie Pony Scheme.

Until then he gets to have endless fun, eat lots of grass, sleep a lot and learn a little about how to be a safe child’s pony. He has found pony paradise – and he deserves it!


Snoozing in the sunshine with his field mates Perkins and Joseph and sneaking up on chickens!


Anything that interferes with his peaceful existence.

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'Welcome to pony paradise’

'A moment watching happy, healthy horses is always good for the soul'

'All the hard work
we do is worth it to see their happy faces'

‘A day without a nap is like a cupcake without frosting’

‘It is very special to see them fully recovered and enjoying life again’