Meet our current residents

At Here4Horses a very important part of what we do, is to rescue, rehabilitate and nurture horses and ponies in need of our help.


Thankfully that is all behind him now and this cheeky monster is unrecognisable from the poor, depressed and neglected little chap he once was.



Anna arrived under very sad circumstances in January 2020, she was accompanied by her field companions Chequers and Tinkerbelle.



Chequers came to us following the tragic and untimely death of his owner in January 2020, along with Anna and Tinkerbelle.



Donald came to us as a distressed colt foal, discovered by one of Northumberland County Council’s Animal Welfare Team.



Giuseppe was found by a member of the public one wintry night in December of 2018 and reported to the RSPCA. He was less than 6 months old and had been left alone, tied to a lamp post in a South Cleveland town. It is almost certain that he was abandoned because he was male and surplus to requirements.



A call from a member of the public to the RSPCA, led to a BHS volunteer making a visit to an East Durham building site in April 2018. The volunteer was horrified at what she first thought was a dead horse amongst the mud and rubbish.


Hilda B

Hilda B is unusual in several ways.  She is female for starters, when normally it is colts that we find abandoned. She is also black rather than coloured, which again is quite a rarity in these parts.



The transformation was almost instantaneous (as it often can be) and in no time at all Jaffa was allowed to join our herd of mini’s.



Jester has since been out and about strutting his stuff and, he even took the Reserve Champion prize at Northumberland County Show!


Lilly Mae

We were contacted in November 2020 by a concerned neighbour, desperately hoping that we could help find a home for this wee Shetland cutie, who needed a friend (or two).



He had been abandoned – left tied to the railings of a derelict school, with two others, who we named Doogie and Donald.



Concerned members of the public had called to say how sad he looked, standing for long hours in his roadside paddock looking bored and lonely.



Murphy on the other hand, with appropriate treatments and lots of TLC, almost immediately turned a corner.


Noggin the Nog

Noggin’s particular case, captured everyone’s heart.



It is heartbreaking to think that given her advanced years, it is likely this old lady was abandoned as she was no longer useful for breeding purposes and needed costly veterinary intervention.



Perkins sadly started out, as yet another unwanted and abandoned foal. He is named after one of the kind ladies who helped to transport him to us. He was very lucky to be found before he met a miserable fate, like so many others.



Summer’s dam Womble, came to us having been discovered running loose on football grounds for several weeks.



Tinkerbelle joined us under the same sad circumstances as Chequers and Anna, in January 2020.



It was clear from the outset that Trigger was a clever little chap who would use his appealing face to garner all kinds of extra treats.


'Welcome to pony paradise’

'A moment watching happy, healthy horses is always good for the soul'

'All the hard work
we do is worth it to see their happy faces'

‘A day without a nap is like a cupcake without frosting’

‘It is very special to see them fully recovered and enjoying life again’