On International Volunteers’ Day we would like to announce our Volunteer of the Year.

This is a first-time award for us and although we are so lucky to have a growing team of unique and invaluable people, we feel that Mrs Lynn Ward is a truly worthy inaugural recipient.

So, without further ado – let us celebrate this wonderful lady and count the ways ‘our Lynnie’ helps ensure the success of Here4Horses.

⭐️ Lynn can always be relied upon to boost morale – she is constantly smiling and her cheery face brightens any occasion.

⭐️ Lynn has that all important, can-do attitude.

She will always look for solutions rather than problems and importantly, keeps a cool head in a crisis.

⭐️ Lynne is meticulous and skilled in her role as our Sponsorship Coordinator – she leads on all liaison with sponsors and takes her role very seriously.

⭐️ Lynn never seems to tire – she is our very own Duracell Bunny.

When all around her are flagging at the end of a long day, she is the one bounding around making us all look old!

⭐️ Lynn can (and will), kick off a conversation with anyone.

She is very friendly and approachable – frequently talking herself related to complete strangers on our stand at events. 😂

⭐️ Lynn is always quick to commend other team members on their efforts and always celebrates our achievements – she is an exemplary team player.

⭐️ Lynn is an old school grafter and will roll up her sleeves to tackle any job – oiling donated tack and equipment, prepping a tombola, organising refreshments and setting up the trade stand.

She is never precious and if she has an ego, we have never seen evidence of it

⭐️ Lynn loves a road trip and is always happy to collect from, deliver to, or meet up with people on our behalf.

⭐️ Lynn is astute and savvy – she has a head full of ideas and potential fundraising projects in the making.

If Carlsberg made volunteers – they would look like Lynn Ward! ❤️

Whether it’s behind the scenes or on the front line we are all so utterly grateful to her long-standing commitment to the charity.

Lynn had been with us from the start and long may she continue making her mark!

Sincere thanks and HUGE congratulations to you Lynnie from us all 🥰🥰