In December 2019 we were contacted by a lady in worrying circumstances, whose sister in law had been taken into hospital having suddenly fallen ill.

Despite only being in her forties, this poor woman was not expected to survive and she had three ponies in her ownership.

This was of course a devastating situation for her husband and extended family to find themselves in and with limited horse experience they were desperate for help.

We all imagine that we will make it to old age and the majority of us have no plans in place for our animals should the worst happen.

We at Here4Horses are keen to encourage people to plan for the unexpected and will produce advice to this effect in the coming months.

Thankfully the family made enquiries and found us.

We arranged to visit to make an assessment of the ponies and following consultation with our Here4Horses trustees, were happy to advise that all three could be taken in.

The paperwork was prepared and arrangements were made for a donation to be made for each pony, to help with initial costs of treatment and care.

Tragically the owner died within days and her husband and family very kindly offered to make a collection at the funeral, for Here4Horses.

People were very generous in such heartbreaking circumstances and over £600 was raised for the charity, for which we are extremely grateful.

We are happy to report that the three are still with us and will hopefully be available for foster or adoption soon.

In the meantime you can help enormously by sponsoring one of them here. They are all unique characters – as all horses and ponies are – and have very individual needs.

We feel sure that we can secure a bright future for Chequers, Anna and Tinkerbelle and with your help, can be in a position to help others like them should tragedy strike.