Many of you may have met our gorgeous wee man Amazon previously, perhaps at one of the many shows we have attended.

Sadly, the poor chap has developed a little problem that is giving us cause for concern.

A discharge from one of his nostrils led us to believe he had tooth trouble – Shetlands can be prone to this problem.

Our Vet Nicola examined him and took x-rays, which have failed to reveal the problem; despite the images also being sent to two specialists.

So, unfortunately he needs a head scan to identify the source of his issue – as you can imagine, this does not come cheap and we are asking our lovely supporters to please dig deep and make a little donation which will mean such a lot to Amazon.

We have set a minimum £500 target and sincerely hope that Amazon can have his head examined sooner rather than later!

You can donate HERE

The wee man thanks you all in advance.