We have amazing news!

Thanks to a bid made by Pammy and Nicola to the Petplan Charitable Trust we have received a substantial award of £7.5k from them, to purchase an all-terrain vehicle.

The Trust has been incredibly supportive of Here4Horses and we were bowled over by the success of the bid.

We had originally (and boldly) asked for a £10k grant to fund a vehicle that would allow our volunteers to safely conduct chores around the site – so the pressure was on to fund the deficit.

After much deliberation and many phone calls, we ended up in conversation with the lovely Josh Wilks at Parklands, Can-Am North East in Lanchester.

It is safe to say that Josh went above and beyond to help us find a solution – he is clearly a guy who understands the real meaning of charity and for that we are truly grateful.

After deliberations with his accountant, Josh came back to us with an unbelievably generous offer to purchase a new vehicle – the dreaded VAT was always going to be a hurdle.

So, we begged for help from anyone who could give it – and quickly also sold donated goods to free up the additional funds required. It was quite a test!

Josh is pictured here with our Chair of Trustees Paula Kempin, handing over the keys to our shiny (not for long), new vehicle.

Thank you to all who have made this possible.