Loanie ponies

It has long been a concern of ours that despite the continued equine welfare crisis, there continues to be a dire shortage of well-educated ponies.

All charities have difficulty finding homes for the smaller ponies until they are old enough for training and ‘child proofing’.

Not only do these ponies need to be reared to at least four years of age but also the training required to progress as a riding or driving prospect is costly in terms of time, skills and commitment.

This is a big ask for any charity already very busy with rescuing and bringing animals back to good health.

Emily K grooming Taylor

At Here4Horses, we are always keen to find solutions to problems and with that in mind, we have embarked upon the early stages of our Loanie Pony Scheme.

William and Ickle Pickle

This scheme means that youngsters who have gone through a rehabilitation process with us and then spent time in foster care, return at the right time, to be started under saddle and produced as a family riding pony. These precious ponies then ultimately become available on our Loanie Pony Scheme.

Potential homes for Loanie Ponies are considered in the same way as Foster homes, in terms of initial consideration by us and the probationary period. However, beyond that, the pony stays on long term loan until outgrown, or no longer required, before returning to us in preparation for a new family.

We feel this scheme not only gives the ponies a second, third or even fourth chance to live a happy and fulfilling life but also helps meet the demand for suitable educated ponies which might otherwise have been at worst, discarded and at best, become field ornaments.

It is still commonplace for the many good family ponies out there, to find themselves alone in a paddock once outgrown. These ponies often have many fruitful years left to give but remain there, simply because the owner ‘can’t bear to part with him’. Here4Horses will consider ponies in these situations joining our scheme too.

This scheme is still in the early stages but enquiries are welcome from potential pony loaners. A small annual loan fee will apply.

Our Loanie Pony Scheme offers:

  1. Initial induction
  2. 24/7 back up
  3. Advice whenever needed
  4. Horsemanship training
  5. The chance to be part of a valued team and share good practice and experiences
  6. VIP opportunities and events
  7. Special discounts on branded goods

In return, we are looking for individuals with commitment and a good level of knowledge and experience, capable of providing a perfect partner for one of our precious horses or ponies.

Loanie Ponies for adults

Many of the animals that come through our centre are between 11hh and 13.2hh.

Of course very small ponies are only suitable mounts for children, however, we believe that a full up 13.2hh cob can be more than enough ‘horse’ for a lightweight adult.

These ponies should simply not be labelled as ‘just for children’. Sadly, many people fail to consider this size and type, when in actual fact, they may perfectly suit their needs. Please do apply below if you think a cob is for you, we will be happy to chat through your options.

If you share our belief that this scheme can help secure a bright future for a rescue pony, perhaps you would also consider fundraising specifically to cover the cost of training potential Loanie Ponies? This is such an important part of what we do and we would be so very grateful for your help.

Please complete our Loanie Pony Scheme application form.

Emily and Panda

'Welcome to pony paradise’

'A moment watching happy, healthy horses is always good for the soul'

'All the hard work
we do is worth it to see their happy faces'

‘A day without a nap is like a cupcake without frosting’

‘It is very special to see them fully recovered and enjoying life again’