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Advice for Owners and Carers

At Here4Horses, we believe that all horses and ponies deserve kindness, respect and knowledgeable care.

The team at Here4Horses are faced with emaciated and neglected horses and ponies on a regular basis.  However, there are potentially more disturbing welfare issues to be found in 21st century horse keeping – and the issues are far more widespread.

At the root of the problem is lack of knowledge – because even the most well-meaning and caring horse keeper can create a truly miserable existence for their animals, simply by failing to meet their needs.

The welfare of a horse can be compromised in so many ways:

A saddle or bridle that doesn’t fit properly and used every day

Is a welfare issue

Forcing a horse to carry too much weight

Is a welfare issue

Not having enough money to afford proper care

Is a welfare issue

Not recognising when it’s time to say goodbye

Is a welfare issue

At Here4Horses we would like to help people to become more informed and will therefore post useful articles here regularly and we welcome your queries, comments or requests for future articles at:

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