Gift my celebration

Make time to celebrate that important event, no matter how big or small.

If you would like to make a gift to Here4Horses rather than receive birthday or Christmas presents, leaving or retirement gifts from fellow workers or Wedding and Anniversary gifts, then perhaps ask your friends, family and colleagues to make a Gift to us in recognition of your Celebration.

Alternatively, you can choose to make a collection as a tribute to the life of a loved one or a much missed horse or pet.

This is a lovely way to ensure your celebration or memorable occasion makes a real difference to the lives of horses and ponies, rather than creating many potentially unwanted and wasted gifts.

Gifting your celebration, or Tribute Giving, can also be organised by using a crowdfunding platform or via your Facebook page. Please contact us for advice if needed.

The money you raise is SO IMPORTANT to us as it means we can step in to provide assistance to horses and ponies, knowing that our finances are secure enough to enable us to do so.

Alternatively, why not request that your friends or family sponsor one of our horses or ponies on your behalf – you can discover more information about sponsorship HERE.

Gift my celebration Q&A

Many people are becoming concerned about avoidable waste and receiving unwanted or inappropriate presents can add to this.

Unwanted gifts are often passed onto charities for resale. This is certainly no bad thing as the charity will of course receive a small amount of the original gift cost back, once it is resold.

However, giving directly to charity in order to celebrate a happy occasion such as a birthday is becoming more appealing because as individuals, we can increasingly find that we already have what we need and would prefer that others benefit from our happy occasion or memorable event.

It is becoming more important for people to think they are making a difference to the lives of others and to feel good about supporting a charity that shares their beliefs.

By raising money in this way for Here4Horses, please be assured that you are actively helping to change the lives of horses and ponies for the better.

It is really very straight forward. The first thing you need to do, is to choose your preferred crowdfunding platform such as Facebook, GoFundMe or Just Giving.

Go onto your chosen site and follow the step by step process for setting up your Celebration or Tribute Gift fundraiser.

You can also run an online fundraiser using our chosen partner, People’s Fundraising. Click here Sign up and start your very own fundraiser on behalf of Here4Horses.

The benefit of these platforms is that they are easy to track, update, and amend whenever and however you choose. Some people lack confidence in using these sites or aren’t particularly computer savvy. If this is you, then the best thing to do is to seek assistance from a friend or family member or use the help page or contact numbers on the site. Alternatively contact us for help.

You are given plenty of space to create your own story including your reasons for choosing not to receive personal gifts and preferring to support Here4Horses. You could add a bit of information about our charity and why it is important to you.

You may wish to download a picture or two from this website to illustrate your message. Please let us know if we can help with this. We also recommend looking at a few existing fundraisers on your chosen site to give you some ideas.

You will know the core group of people who you would usually receive Christmas, Birthday, or Anniversary presents from so you can directly link them to the crowdfunding page using Facebook, email or post.

The same applies with wedding gifts and specialist anniversary celebrations. It might be that you also want to send the details of your fundraiser and a link to it inside an invitation to your wedding day or anniversary party.

With Tribute Giving you may wish to reach a wider audience. To do this you can ask your friends and family to share the link to anyone else who might want to contribute. It can be a lovely surprise to see who else thought so highly of your loved one, that they too want to donate and get involved.

'Welcome to pony paradise’

'A moment watching happy, healthy horses is always good for the soul'

'All the hard work
we do is worth it to see their happy faces'

‘A day without a nap is like a cupcake without frosting’

‘It is very special to see them fully recovered and enjoying life again’