I have been involved with horses since I was a child and am very excited to be a part of the much needed Here4Horses charity, as a Founding Trustee.

Professionally I am a registered nurse, Mental Health and General and currently work in adult mental health services.

In my 20’s I eventually found that I could afford a horse of my own, unfortunately this was not a good choice; a TB mare, ex-racehorse called Grizzle. Perhaps I should have known there would be trouble ahead with a name like that and after a year together we parted company, which was utterly heart-breaking despite our poor relationship.

I hoped for future horses to be with me for life – and so Jaffa made it to 17 years, Monty to 26 and currently Bailey; a quirky but gorgeous ID X Connemara.

A keenness to further my horse knowledge led me to BHS stage training and I successfully achieved levels 1 & 2. Later, I achieved The British Riding Club’s Senior Horse Welfare Level 3 certificate, of which I am very proud.

I have been a member of several Riding Clubs and Secretary for two of them, as well as being on the BHS North Region committee.

I also currently volunteer in the Organisers Office at Bramham Horse Trials each June.

My husband and I enjoy DIY and are currently renovating an old farmhouse. Nine years on and we are about ¾ finished but the stables and paddocks had to be completed first, of course!

'Welcome to pony paradise’

'A moment watching happy, healthy horses is always good for the soul'

'All the hard work
we do is worth it to see their happy faces'

‘A day without a nap is like a cupcake without frosting’

‘It is very special to see them fully recovered and enjoying life again’