We are a small charity run entirely by volunteers, working tirelessly in our spare time to improve the lives of horses and ponies everywhere.

Welcome to the official Here4Horses website

Our Vision is to help create a world where all equines receive kind, well-informed care and are appropriately and knowledgeably trained, in order for them to thrive and live happy lives.

Our Mission is to work collaboratively to secure the best life for all equines.

We hope that this site will provide a useful and interesting resource for those who love horses and share our beliefs and goals.

Here4Horses is a charity committed to securing a better life for Horse and Ponies

What we do

We are delivering lasting change – securing a better future for these beautiful animals by:

Operating a network of locations offering rescue, refuge and rehabilitation to horses, ponies, donkeys and mules in need.

Fundraising in order to effectively support our extensive activities and special projects, important to equine welfare.

Collaborating with other welfare organisations for the benefit of all equines.

Providing an accessible, engaging, up to date source of expert advice and information, on all horse related matters.

Delivering training and promoting humane, skilful, evidence-based methods to those who love, care for and train horses.

Having a strong campaign presence to improve the law and its application, whilst acting as a voice for all equine species.

Recognising and rewarding the people who promote humane practices and help prevent suffering in horses, worldwide.


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